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15 years of SCI AmeriCorps: A Service Story

Published by Phil Gordon on

Fifteen years ago, the first team of SCI AmeriCorps members made their mark. Since then, the program has continued to grow and adapt. You can join us in celebrating the hundreds of members that have chosen to serve with a gift to SCI today!

I’m Philip Gordon, Deputy Director at SCI Social Capital Inc. But you can call me Phil!

My journey at SCI began in 2019 when I served with SCI AmeriCorps at the James L. McKeown Boys & Girls Club of Woburn. Later that year I joined the SCI staff, stepping into the role of Program Manager for SCI AmeriCorps. 

Leading SCI AmeriCorps was a chance to put my stamp on something meaningful – something that makes a real impact in the communities that raised me. This personal connection reminded me of a phrase my parents would say, “Always try to leave a place better than you found it.” If I could build up the SCI AmeriCorps program, I knew I could make a positive impact. You can make a positive impact, too, with a gift to SCI today!

What is SCI AmeriCorps?

SCI AmeriCorps Members increase an organization’s ability to engage volunteers and offer youth enrichment programming. SCI AmeriCorps Members help address the need to connect youth with the people, experiences, and resources that increase their prospects for success – all key forms of social capital

Every new role has a learning curve, so of course COVID-19 came right as I had found my feet in early 2020. That year brought many changes and challenges for SCI AmeriCorps, but in a larger sense it brought a nationwide spotlight on racial, social, and economic disparities and oppression in a way that hadn’t been done before. 

After becoming SCI’s Deputy Director in 2021, I wanted to make sure that we were improving in the areas of equity and inclusion. I focused on identifying and implementing changes to SCI AmeriCorps that would improve the program experience for our Members – individuals who make significant commitments and impact. To continue sustaining an equitable program, we need your support.

Why we need your support now

Today, SCI AmeriCorps is in the middle of the first year of an updated program design that includes a 40-hour Training Program. The Member Training Program prepares Members for success in their service terms, but also identifies the many skills they will gain through their service that will help them throughout their careers. Our unique training program also ensures that our Members are able to positively impact youth at our partner organizations. Donations from individuals like you help us run a strong SCI AmeriCorps program that creates wins for everybody!

We are investing in growing our program staff. A Program Director and Program Coordinator are now part of the SCI AmeriCorps team, which now enables us to provide higher levels of Member support services, professional development, and team-building opportunities.  

The impact of our Members so far this year has been impressive and a sign of things to come, engaging over 130 volunteers who have served almost 400 hours to date! 

After 15 years the SCI AmeriCorps program is now entering into a bold new chapter. I’m extremely proud of the work we’ve done to get here, however there is still a long road to travel ahead. Your support enables us to continue investing in our Members who do the work that supports and uplifts youth in Greater Boston. Please consider making a donation today!