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What is VEAP?

  • SCI VEAP (Vaccine Equity Access Program) is SCI’s effort to improve public confidence in the COVID-19, Flu, and other vaccines.
  • We train trusted community members to encourage people in their network to get vaccinated.
  • We are working with community leaders to conduct grassroots outreach and reach those who are at the highest risk.

Part-Time Opportunity with our VEAP Program

VEAP is SCI’s effort to improve public confidence in the COVID-19 and Flu vaccine. We are currently hiring several part-time (20 hours / month; $25/hr) outreach team members who will work to improve vaccine equity in their communities by talking to people about the vaccines and promoting local vaccine clinics. Folks who are bilingual are strongly encouraged to apply.

An Important Partnership

In 2023, the third year of SCI VEAP, SCI was given the opportunity to invite another community-based organization to join as a partner on the program. A new collaboration between the Council of Social Concern and SCI began to conduct educational outreach about the safety and efficacy of the flu and COVID vaccines.

SCI VEAP seeks to reach out to groups that have been disproportionately affected by COVID and other health issues, and to provide information about vaccination through trusted community messengers,” noted SCI President David Crowley. “The Council of Social Concern was a natural partner to join the VEAP effort, given the services they provide to a diverse constituency.” 

Throughout the year, CSC and SCI will collaborate on a range of educational activities and community events.

“When SCI approached us for this partnership, we jumped at the chance,” expressed CSC Executive Director Jessie Bencosme. “Council of Social Concern is always open to new ways of addressing the ever changing needs of the community. The VEAP effort provides us with an opportunity to provide those we serve with information on vaccinations such as the COVID and Flu vaccines. We also look forward to be able to provide them with other health-related resources.”