Get Involved

SCI has many ways for you to get involved and make a difference! You can read about current opportunities below, and check back for more throughout the year!

Allyship Spotlight: Explore what it means to be an Ally

The Allyship Spotlight is a month-long program where participants will explore and take action around: considering the reality and experiences of others, addressing biases when they arise and inspiring others through their actions, and discovering what it means to be an ally. Through funding provided by CHNA 15 DoN funds from Lahey Hospital and Medical Center, SCI and ThinkGive are happy to offer this interactive program consisting of 5 lessons free of charge

Join us every Friday starting this week from 12:15-1:00pm for a zoom discussion group Lunch n’ Learn, and/or read the weekly discussion in a summary email. Between sessions, we’ll all take action as allies, then post our experiences to the ThinkGive portal. Sign up for this virtual program here!

Allyship curriculum: Interested in sharing this program with your group – educators, community leaders, and others are able to receive lesson plans to facilitate on your own. Sign-up here and get access to the Introduction Lesson today!

VEAP (Vaccine Equity Access Program) is SCI’s effort to improve public confidence in the COVID-19 and Flu vaccine. We are seeking community members to conduct grassroots outreach to promote Massachusetts Department of Public Health vaccination clinics and reach folks who are at risk of COVID-19 and the Flu. This project focuses on multiple communities, we are currently looking for leaders in Malden and Everett. Stipends are available for VEAP Leaders! More information is available here and to sign up reach out to Charlie at!

Snow Shoveling in Woburn

Social Capital Inc. (SCI) is seeking volunteers of all ages to help local seniors with snow shoveling in Woburn this winter! Volunteers will be matched with a local senior and will help them shovel throughout the winter whenever there is a storm.  Please note – This is a winter-long commitment! (We will also be recruiting “on-call” volunteers if you cannot commit to the entire season!) We are looking for volunteers of any age to help Woburn seniors with snow shoveling this winter! Volunteers will be matched with a local senior and will help them shovel throughout the winter whenever there is a storm! Sign-up here to be matched with a local senior!

Leaders for an Equitable Tomorrow (LET)

The Leaders for an Equitable Tomorrow (LET) program is a partnership between Winchester’s Network for Social Justice (NFSJ) and Woburn’s Social Capital Inc. with funding through CHNA15 DoN funds from Lahey Hospital and Medical Center and Winchester Hospital. LET is a youth development program for high schoolers in Winchester and Woburn to learn more about social and racial justice and how they relate to mental health. During the summer, students attended weekly workshops and worked on a needs assessment. This school year, monthly workshops are being offered, as well as Career Speaker Panels.

Join our next workshop virtually! On Sunday, February 13th at 1pm, join LET for a virtual panel of youth activists who are organizing around a variety of issues in their communities! Register for this virtual event now at!

Current SCI Board Needs

SCI’s work to unite diverse community members to strengthen local communities is more important than ever.

At a recent board retreat, board members delved into a number of important strategic issues that must be addressed in order to deepen and sustain our impact. To help address these key issues and ensure the organization’s long-term success, we are actively recruiting diverse board candidates that are strategic thinkers, have strong networks and are passionate about creating healthy, inclusive communities.

In addition to the attributes we seek of all SCI board members, the following are some particular skills and experiences that we are seeking from potential new members. If one or more of these resonates with your background, let’s talk!

Development Committee (Fundraising): While all SCI board members are expected to support the fundraising process, the SCI Development Committee develops and drives the fundraising strategy for the organization. We need at least one additional committee member — ideally someone with fundraising experience, comfortable with reaching out to their network for individual donations and / or corporate sponsorships.

Boston Connections: We are looking for new board members with strong connections to Boston businesses and community organizations. Over the last several years, more new members have joined from the Woburn area, and we would like to balance that with new members that live and/or work in Boston, given our significant programmatic presence in the city.

Marketing skills: Potential board members with marketing skills and experience would be very helpful. Someone with marketing skills could help us with messaging, overall marketing strategies and other valuable insights.

Evaluation / metrics: At a retreat held earlier this year, two of our four emerging priorities relate to assessing our current programming and developing new tools for measuring social capital in communities we serve. Thus, prospective members with expertise and program evaluation and metrics would be helpful.

Finance: We could always benefit from additional members that are comfortable reviewing financial statements and help think through financial issues. New SCI board members who work in finance would help bring this skill set as well as useful contacts within the sector.

To explore how your skills might be able to help SCI achieve its mission, please contact SCI President David Crowley at or 781-935-2244 x 1.

Volunteer at SCI

Office Work: Answering the phone, data entry, helping with mailings – this is all vital to expanding our capacity and increasing our ability to help the communities in which we work.

Community Outreach: Calling/emailing community organizations and businesses to find out about volunteer opportunities, donations, etc. Share your skills! As an organization with big goals and a small staff, we rely on volunteers to help with many important functions. We are especially eager to find people with strong writing skills to help with editing and content creation, and volunteers to help update community website and social media content on our local sites, especially during the summer. We also are looking for volunteers interested in serving on one of our fundraising committees.  We have the flexibility to work with your interests and schedule. We also are interested in working with students to gain internship or course credit for volunteering.

Special Events: SCI is often looking for volunteers to help with upcoming events!

Virtual Volunteering: If you are outside the Greater Boston area, technology allows the opportunity for virtual volunteering! Examples of volunteer roles that can be done in this fashion include research and helping to develop written materials. In addition, as SCI expands its network, we will be seeking people to help make contacts in other areas of the country. 

To get in touch about volunteering with SCI, click here to use our intake form.