SCI Spotlight

Lift all voices.

Getting to know Mass Poetry, an SCI AmeriCorps host site Mass Poetry envisions a world where poetry catalyzes understanding and connection. Harnessing the power of words to engage and empower diverse communities across Massachusetts, Mass Poetry’s innovative programs spark dialogue, connection, and self expression to create a vibrant, inclusive community… Read More »Lift all voices.

Developing Leaders: Leaders for an Equitable Tomorrow

This summer, Leaders for an Equitable Tomorrow (LET) participants took action. After researching, planning, and reflecting, these 10 teen interns are developing an online resource for them and their peers. The Middlesex 4 Mental Health site launched earlier this month. (And you can follow the group on Instagram @middlesex4mentalhealth!) The… Read More »Developing Leaders: Leaders for an Equitable Tomorrow

SCI Turns 20!

Twenty years ago today, on June 20th, 2002, SCI’s story officially began with the incorporation of our organization. Two years earlier, on a flight to San Francisco, I finished reading a book that fueled an idea – Robert Putnam’s Bowling Alone. Having recently moved back to Woburn, the town where… Read More »SCI Turns 20!