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SCI is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that relies on private donations for a significant portion of our budget, which is just a bit over $650,000. As a small organization with 25 full time AmeriCorps members, we accomplish a lot with a modest amount of funding. Your charitable donations go a long way with SCI, and we always appreciate your donations for general support of our mission. In addition to serving as a launching point for general donations, we use this page to highlight some of our current giving opportunities.


***UPDATE: We have reached our year end fundraising goal of $7100, but your donation before Jan. 1 will still be much appreciated!!



SCI needs your help to reach our goal of $7100 raised by 12/31!
Your generosity will support needs in these important areas: 


Promoting Understanding:

In these emotionally fraught times, SCI seeks to bring people of diverse backgrounds together for civil discourse at public forum events planned throughout the next several months. Your gift will help us to build relationships with community partners with common goals, as well as organize and spread the word about these events.

Need to raise: $1500


Developing Young Leaders:

SCI programs provide over 200 youth with leadership skill development every year, but we need your help to deepen our impact with these at-risk youth! Your gift helps fund youth-driven, community projects that benefit our neighborhoods while giving youth an opportunity to lead.

Need to raise: $2700


Connecting Citizens for Healthy Communities:

Whether it's a weekly walk group in Chelsea, or a group of teens working together to make healthy school lunches a reality in Lynn, SCI builds healthy communities. Your gift will provide warm winter clothing for our walk leaders and help engage others in our community health programs!

Need to raise: $2150


Training AmeriCorps Members:

Our 25 SCI AmeriCorps members are AMAZING! We want to provide them with the best possible training so that they can make the biggest impact in the communities they serve. Your gift will help us provide professional development, training materials, and food for our members at monthly SCI AllCorps training days. Need to raise: $750


How to make a donation:

Donate easily and securely via the form on the top right of the page. You can also use Network for Good or Paypal (see buttons to the right) or donate via

If you would to prefer to donate by check, please make checks payable to Social Capital Inc. and mail to: Social Capital Inc.; 165M New Boston St., Suite 233; Woburn, MA 01801

We appreciate your contribution! Thank you for supporting SCI.

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