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COVID Death Stats Compared by Vaccination Status

A recent CDC study compared COVID death statistics by vaccination status, and this is what they found: From October to November 2021, they recorded: 16, 527 Unvaccinated COVID Deaths 5,493 Fully Vaccinated COVID Deaths (No Booster) 285 Fully Vaccinated + Booster COVID Deaths Source: CDC Study- Page 4 https://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/volumes/71/wr/pdfs/mm7104e2-H.pdf

When you compare case rates by vaccination status, it looks like this… (click me for breakdown- hint: the vaccines work very well!)

Fully vaccinated & boosted: 21 per 100,000Fully vaccinated, no booster: 145 per 100,000Unvaccinated: 640 per 100,000 So cases are 30x higher in unvaccinated folks than boosted folks. The third shot is crucial! Source: Massachusetts DPH via WPRI: https://www.wpri.com/target-12/report-unvaccinated-in-mass-have-30x-more-covid-cases-than-boosted-residents/

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Everett and Malden Vaccine Clinic Schedule & VEAP Leader Information

Our Vaccine Equity & Access Program (VEAP) is continuing to search for Leaders in Malden and Everett, in order to promote the community based clinics being offered there. If you want to help keep your community safe from COVID and are from those areas, this could be a great way… Read More »Everett and Malden Vaccine Clinic Schedule & VEAP Leader Information