Distant But Connected


Recently, we shared an article on our social media platforms suggesting that we use the term “physical distancing” instead of social distancing, as we need social connection and support now more than ever.

Picking up on this idea, we are going to label our series of posts highlighting ways people are supporting each other and staying connected, “Distant But Connected”. Share your own stories on this theme on social media with the tag #DistantButConnected.

We will also be sharing a series of “Questions of the Day”, so people can share ways they are staying connected and managing through this challenging time. Share your thoughts on our first daily question here on Facebook or on Twitter. 

Now, let me turn to my second story of helpful behavior I’ve noticed recently.

This past weekend, I was at the grocery store doing some final stocking up.

There were slim pickings at the meat counter. I must have grimaced when the woman next to me asked for 9 pounds of chicken thighs–one of the few remaining options–in 3 separate bags. I had hoped to get some for our freezer, and didn’t know if there was more than 9 pounds left!

She explained, “I’m shopping for 3 families that shouldn’t be going out at all because of their health conditions.”

I started warming up to her virtuous behavior and was curious to know more. Who are people helping now?

“Today, I’m focused on people in my extended family that can’t go out. Yesterday I went shopping for a couple of elderly neighbors. We really need to be looking out for our neighbors at a time like this!”, she concluded.

We Need Each Other Now.