We Need Each Other Now

We need each other, now more than ever.

These are clearly challenging and scary times. But we are often at our best when faced with big challenges. We plan to highlight some hopeful stories of kindness, compassion and neighborliness that emerge; and we’d love to hear what you are seeing! 

I will get this started with my story from this past Friday.

After we got the word that our local schools were closing for two weeks, our family realized we needed to take our preparation for COVID-19 to another level.

It was definitely hectic and slim pickings at the grocery store this morning. But I am happy to report people seem rolling with it reasonably well here. Letting people pass in crowded aisles and even an occasional smile. Perhaps a few are trying to channel a bit of the Brits during the WWII bombings of London.

This isn’t a crisis of that level, but does require some similar collective fortitude and pulling together.

At the checkout line, the woman in front of me noted that despite not being able to find many things, she was pleasantly surprised to see a good number of things on the shelves.

The cashier explained that a crew had spent the entire evening working hard to re-stock the shelves.

That made me pause and think not about the shelves that were missing items, but to appreciate the people who worked hard make it possible that I was able to fill my cart with the necessities our family would need over the next couple of weeks.

We need each other, now more than ever.