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Summer/Fall 2022 COVID Vaccine FAQs

Published by Charlie Kwitchoff on

Do the vaccines still work against Omicron/BA.2/BA.5?

Who is eligible for which shots?

When can I get my shots? / I got my first dose 6 months ago- do I need to restart?

  • You can get a second dose at any time as long as your first dose was more than 3 weeks ago (Pfizer) or 4 weeks ago (Moderna). Even if you got your first dose a year ago, you can get your second dose now. You do not need to “restart”.

When is the new Omicron specific shot coming out? Should I wait for that to get a booster?

  • We don’t know for sure, but it is likely coming in September
  • We cannot give exact guidance on whether or not to wait. It is a matter of your own personal risk tolerance when it comes to waiting or not

Why should I get vaccinated if I recently had COVID?

  • The response your immune system learned from fighting your COVID infection may fade within several days-weeks after you recover, making you vulnerable to re-infection
  • The COVID vaccines provide your immune system with a stronger COVID response for months after getting your shot compared to natural immunity

Why did I still get COVID even though I’m vaccinated?

  • Unfortunately, breakthrough cases have become increasingly common as variants have become more infectious
  • The vaccines aren’t a silver bullet that would eliminate COVID entirely- the goal of the vaccines is to keep people out of the hospital and dying from COVID-19

I don’t trust the vaccines because they haven’t been around long enough