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Bridging the Generational and Digital Divide with Dia Ghosh

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In this episode of the Cultivating Connections podcast, host David Crowley engages in a thought-provoking conversation with Sulagna (Dia) Ghosh, the founder of Joint Family, a social initiative aimed at bridging generational gaps to address pressing social issues.

Dia explains the core principles of Joint Family, which include community engagement, collaborative learning, civic deliberation, and collective action. Through programs that unite diverse age groups, Joint Family facilitates discussions about technology to empower participants to develop impactful solutions for local challenges, such as mental health, climate preparedness, and social isolation.

Dia shares her unique journey from being a computational biologist at the Broad Institute to launching Joint Family, inspired by her upbringing and experiences during the pandemic. She highlights the initiative’s focus on fostering intergenerational connections, particularly through workshops that encourage thoughtful discussions on technology’s societal impact. Dia emphasizes the importance of creating trust and community resilience in the digital age, and she provides insights into the positive feedback and evolving perspectives from participants in Joint Family’s programs.

The episode also includes a preview of an upcoming workshop on AI and mental health on May 29, co-hosted with the Leaders for an Equitable Tomorrow program operated by SCI and the Network for Social Justice.

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About the Guest

Sulagna (Dia) Ghosh

Sulagna (Dia) Ghosh is an interdisciplinary scientist, a Women Techmakers Ambassador and the founder of Joint Family – a social initiative seeking to bridge the generational and digital divide. With a background in computational biology and over 10 years of work experience in academia and research, Dia along with the Joint Family team is dedicated to building an innovative, data driven and inclusive platform that unites and empowers individuals across generations.


You, Me & AI – multigenerational conversation event on May 29th at Woburn Public Library

Notable books on AI and society

AI needs you – Verity Harding

Unmasking AI – Dr. Buolamwini 

Notable podcasts on social connection

House Calls (US Surgeon General’s Office)

More on why connections across the generations is so important: NY Times article

This episode was produced by Leah Mulrenan and David Crowley.

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Episode Transcript

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