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Establishing the SCI AmeriCorps Member Support Fund

Published by Leah Mulrenan on

As the school year got started, so did our 16th year of SCI AmeriCorps! We are thrilled to have 9 members getting started this month across Greater Boston (last call for full year positions- still a few opportunities available!). 

Orientation is always an exciting time of connecting, learning, and getting ready! This year, there was an additional surge of excitement with a visit from our new partners at Merrimack College to talk about the exclusive benefits offered through our SCI AmeriCorps members. 

The partnership with Merrimack (which you can read more about here!) is one of the steps our SCI AmeriCorps team has taken to ensure that our program provides an equitable and valuable experience for all members. You can now be a part of that too!

We are asking for our community’s help in establishing the SCI AmeriCorps Member Support Fund. This fund will provide a safety net for members who are serving. If you’re not familiar, AmeriCorps members across the country provide valuable service to communities, but receive only a modest stipend during their service term. 

You have likely experienced an unexpected financial burden at some point in your life. Whether it’s a medical emergency or challenging living situation, being caught in a situation without the funds to support yourself is debilitating. 

Your donation can provide a more equitable opportunity to serve with SCI AmeriCorps by helping us offer a resource that members can turn to when faced with unexpected expenses.  Helping a member through a challenging time, regardless of whether they have the privilege of their own financial safety net, will help ensure all members have the ability to serve with SCI, and complete the program!

Our goal is to raise $5,000 this fiscal year to establish this new fund. For the next week, we will be running a Facebook fundraising campaign (you can also donate on our website!) to jumpstart the effort. You can be one of the first to provide crucial support to our members. Help us reach our October goal of $1,000 by giving today!