Connecting to help our neighbors.

As one of the most unique years in most of our lifetimes comes to a close, we can reflect on all that we have learned and how we have made the lives of those around us better. 

People’s desire to make a difference to address pressing community needs related to the pandemic has been inspiring, and we are pleased that SCI has been able to connect those seeking to help with ways that they can do so and have significant impact. You can help us continue to address pressing issues with a donation today.

Our team of 18 AmeriCorps members and network of 1,350 volunteers & dozens of partners have enabled us to quickly pivot and meet emerging needs created by the pandemic. 

Food security: Coordinated volunteers and partnerships resulting in over 7,200 meals being provided to Boston families in need; and secured over $5,000 worth of food donations through a recent Neighborhood Food Drive in Woburn.

Youth support: SCI AmeriCorps members have trained 239 young leaders during the past year; and continued to support these youth virtually when the pandemic hit. Many of these youth were checking in daily with the program at a time when virtual school participation was disturbingly low among urban students.

Parent network: This year has been stressful for parents trying to juggle work and/or the economic uncertainty of being out of a job, while supporting their children’s education at home. We created a new Woburn Parent Network to offer virtual trainings and support forums that have been very well received, with over 100 parents joining some of the programs.

Just because the year 2020 is coming to a close does not mean we are out of the woods yet. The coming year will bring its own challenges and, with your help, SCI will be there to meet those challenges by continuing to connect people to make a difference. 

Our goal is to kick-off this season of giving by raising $2000 by December 1 — which is known as Giving Tuesday. Can you make a donation today to help us meet the goal?

You can click here to donate or send a check to:
Social Capital Inc.
165m New Boston St.
Suite 233
Woburn, MA 01801

Thank you for your consideration, and best wishes for a happy Thanksgiving!