YourBrookline & Other Sites Taking Off

I was getting ready for a meeting in Brookline this morning, and thought I'd see what was new on the site. I was pleased to see that roughly nine months after launching the site in partnership with the Brookline Community Foundation, the site seems very lively and showing promise for fulfilling its purpose of connecting community members to opportunities to participate in the community.

The current home page post highlights an upcoming arts event, which has generated a lot of discussion. A particularly compelling post I came across by tells the story of how a local group came to commemorate the 250 year-old graves of African American slaves buried in Brookline. This piece sheds light on a little known piece of the community's history and shows the writer's pride in his community. A quick glance around is a great way to get a flavor for things happening there; and if you live there are nearby, you're likely to find yourself heading to at least 1 of the events you find on YourBrookline.

The more we expand our work, the more we appreciate the important role of strong partners in creating successful results. The folks at the Brookline Community Foundation have been a pleasure to work with, and they have quickly grasped how the site can advance their mission to support their community. In fact, though my meeting there wasn't directly tied to our work on this site, I did bump into a Foundation board member who quickly fell to talking with me about how they could do more with the site to connect with neighborhood civic associations and other grassroots groups. They clearly share our appreciation that it's not enough to simply put up these community websites; but to constantly think about how this tool can best serve our mission.

Brookline is one of six new locations where we've partnered to replicate our community web portal tool over the past year. While they may not have all gotten out of the gate as quickly as Brookline, we have made good strides on each of them. You can launch to our of our community web portals from our locations page.