On this #GivingTuesday, giving to SCI gives back to your community!


At SCI, as the chill returns to the air, our thoughts turn back to last winter and its unrelenting snowstorms. On a visit to the local Woburn senior center, SCI founder David Crowley was told about several seniors who had not been able to leave their homes since the storm began. He learned about Mrs. Connors, a frail 83 year old who was trudging to the back of her home after each snow desperately trying to keep her heating vents clear. 


I remember David returning to the office and springing into action. Soon, with the impressive recruiting and coordinating efforts of our SCI staff and AmeriCorps member, a small but dedicated army of volunteers was hard at work shoveling out homebound seniors. It was amazing to watch all of the tools we use every day here at SCI - our websites, social media pages, and email lists - being transformed into emergency channels. The majority of our shovelers were children and teens who had voluntarily spent their snow day helping others instead of relaxing at home. One senior referred to her young helper as her angel -  “He saved my life,” she said. 


The generous spirit of those young volunteers is what #GivingTuesday is all about. Today, as we take a deep breath amidst the hustle and bustle of the season, we ask for your help as we foster volunteerism and civic pride in communities throughout Massachusetts, including yours. A gift to SCI on this Giving Tuesday helps to bring that giving spirit right into your own community. 


Like our snow shovellers, SCI AmeriCorps members and volunteers give back in so many ways. In Dorchester, SCI AmeriCorps member Daphne Murand is planning Codman Square Health Center’s annual toy drive for needy families. In Fall River, SCI AmeriCorps members work with local hospitals to direct leftover fruits and vegetables from hospital farmer’s markets to homeless families living in motels. These are just a few examples of how we are able to give back with your help! An investment in SCI leverages so much more giving, as we connect thousands of people willing to give to needs in their local communities. 


There a couple of ways to give today. You can make any size donation by visiting our website: www.socialcapitalinc.org/donate. Or, if you live in the Woburn area, you can buy your tickets for our upcoming Holiday House Tour and wine tasting.

We know there are so many worthy causes to give to today - we would be honored if you gave to us.


Best wishes for a happy holiday season from all of us here at SCI!