Become a Mentor with Newton Mentoring Alliance

Newton Mentoring Alliance is an organization designed to cultivate supportive mentoring relationships, between youth and adults, that empower youth to lead healthy, productive lives and engage adults as active participants in their community. To be qualified for this position potential mentors must have a sincere desire to contribute to the growth and development of a young person, an ability to communicate appropriately, openly, and without judgment, practical problem solving skills, strong listening skills, commitment to continually work on establishing and growing a relationship, an ability to suggest alternatives in a respectful and collaborative way, and have sensitivity to persons of all backgrounds. 

Some of the responsibilities and commitment to this opportunity include a minimum 12 month commitment to developing and maintaining a relationship with a young person, meeting with your mentee twice per month to establish a relationship, attend 3-4 hour in-person mentor training sessions and additional trainings throughout the year, and communicate with program staff monthly about the progress of your mentoring relationship. Potential mentors must also be at least 20 years of age, have access to an automobile or have reliable and safe transportation to transport their mentee, and have a willingness to communicate with program staff regularly throughout the program year to receive support and supervision during the time they are matched with their mentee. For more information on how you can get involved with this program, please send an email to