Join the #SCimpact Conversation

Connect for Community Impact

At the SCI Luncheon starting around 12:10 pm people will be discussing and answering questions on ways they can connect more within their community to create a positive impact. Feel free to join the conversations using the hashtag #SCimpact

Here's an example tweet, if you were answering question 2

"A2. Yes! Lowell is great and very diverse. I love my neighborhood #SCimpact"


Below are a list of the questions that people will be tweeting their answers to during the Luncheon:

1. What's something you've seen work to get more people engaged and coming together to improve your community?

2. Would you recommend your neighborhood to others? Why or why not?

3. What community issue are you most passionate about?

4. What is something you have found helpful to successful collaboration?

5. What activities bring diverse people together in your community?

6. What is something about your culture heritage that is important to you?

7. How has social capital helped get you where you are today?

8. What's happening in your community to encourage healthy habits?

9. What do you do to strengthen or cultivate your network?

10. What brings you here today?

11. What is a life lesson you would like to share with a teenager?

12. Have you seen an example of technology helping to get people engaged on an issue?

13. How can we motivate more people to get involved in the community?

14. What's an interesting way people have connected in your community to address local need?

15. What do you consider to be essential ingredients for a healthy community?

16. Who has influenced or motivated you to be an active citizen?