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SCI Helps to Organize Woburn Vigil For Atlanta Spa Shooting Victims

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Woburn Unites AAPI Vigil

On Friday, March 24, the Woburn community came together to honor the victims of the Atlanta spa shooting and to stand in solidarity with the Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) community members. There was a speaking program with voices from local leaders, the AAPI community and allies.

BIPOC community members also spoke at the Vigil to discuss their own experiences of anti-AAPI racism: a variety of students and young people who shared powerful stories on the injustices they have faced, anonymous quotes from the AAIP community were read aloud, and SCI Woburn AmeriCorps Member, Sophie Ichizawa, gave a heartfelt speech sharing her personal perspective as a Japanese-American on the importance of this moment for our country.

Further coverage and discussion about the event can be found at the links below.

Thank you to everyone who came out to support the AAPI community and to honor the lives of those lost in Atlanta. We are still taking anonymous stories and comments by anyone who would like to speak on the recent events that happened or share ways to combat racism against the AAPI community. 

To submit anonymous comments, fill out the google form here.  

The event was planned by diverse group of local organizations and community leaders. The event organizers and other supporters came together and signed the following statement:

AAPI Support Statement
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