Mobilizing Volunteers in Woburn

During these times, it is important to highlight some hopeful stories of kindness, compassion and neighborliness that emerge in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

There has been an amazing outpouring of community spirit that we have seen in Woburn, and we would like to highlight the role SCI AmeriCorps member Jenna Francis has played facilitating volunteers eager to respond. 

Anticipating that there would be a number of senior citizens and others that should not be leaving their homes for grocery stores, SCI set up a Facebook group SCI Engaging Resident Volunteers (SERV) for people who wanted to volunteer to help. Very quickly nearly 200 people have joined the group! 

Jenna has been very busy keeping up with a whirlwind of emerging needs and coordinating a volunteer response to them! Typically when a need has been posted, multiple people volunteer for the assignment within minutes.  

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, Woburn volunteers have delivered over 20 Chromebooks for students needing them for remote learning. They have also helped dozens of families with food security issues, and have taken many trips to grocery stores and pharmacies to provide the elderly and other vulnerable populations with necessary supplies. 

Volunteers also helped seniors enjoy the Easter holiday despite the COVID-19 quarantine.  They delivered holiday dinners prepared by a local church to 33 local senior citizens, as part of our National Volunteer Week project. 

Our SERV volunteers have also delivered masks to hospitals, assisted living facilities and first responders. They have arranged and delivered food to hospital workers. And many have printed and distributed fliers about food programs and other resources around Woburn.