social capital noun. the value of our social networks & relationships

Building Social Capital for an Equitable Recovery Panel

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Building Social Capital Panelists

The Social Capitalist Luncheon Series kicks off May 27!
We are excited to announce the following speakers for the
“Building Social Capital for an Equitable Recovery” virtual panel:

  • City Councilor Julia Mejia
  • Robert Lewis Jr., President & Founder, The BASE 
  • Bob Giannino, Ansin President & CEO, United Way of Massachusetts Bay & Merrimack Valley
  • David Shapiro, CEO, MENTOR (moderator)

The panel program begins at noon; with virtual networking starting at 11:45 a.m. After hearing opening remarks and Q & A with all the panelists, registered guests will have the opportunity to join a breakout session with one of the speakers. Get your Luncheon Series tickets today to join the Building Social Capital event live as well as the subsequent events.

The Luncheon Series will continue on June 3rd with the Bob Rivers, CEO of Eastern Bank, presenting the Connect for Community Impact Award to Mayor Yvonne Spicer of Framingham. Stay tuned for details of the panel discussion that will follow that event!

David Crowley

David Crowley founded SCI in Woburn, his hometown, in 2002. Under his leadership, SCI has grown to serve 20 communities in the region while continuing to make a difference in Woburn. Prior to SCI, David was the Executive Director of Boston-based Generations Inc. (now Literations). He has been involved in AmeriCorps since the program began in 2003, and served as the founding Director of the Kentucky Community Service Commission, which oversees the program for the state. David currently serves as Steering Committee Chair for the CHNA 15 regional healthy communities network. David graduated from Harvard University with a degree in Government. Unsure of his long term plans, and after many service activities in college, David set out to do a year of service in rural Kentucky, which began his career in service! In his free time, he enjoys cooking for his family, reading and walking nearby Horn Pond. He also shares his kitchen creations on his food & wine blog, Cooking Chat.