Milford Youth Plan Friday Night Events

"Title," by Author, The SCI Daily News

Members of the JAG Youth Council received a $1,000 for their Youth Venture proposal.  The Youth Council, now in its third year, is one of six such councils that utilize the SCI Youth Leadership Curriculum.  The initial funding to start the Council came from a Comcast Foundation grant.

The Youth Venture program empowers youth to become influential community leaders. Through this program youth have the opportunity to create and launch their own community-benefiting projects. The Council proposed “Find Yourself Fridays,” which will be an event once a month on a Friday that involves youth from the JAG Youth Council, youth who attend the Milford Youth Center, and all the Milford and Hopedale Public Schools. The Milford Youth Center will be open from 7 to 10 p.m. on the designated Friday of every month and youth can come in and participate for a small entrance fee. By providing the Milford Youth with a fun and safe environment on Friday nights we hope to address issues that are important to the Youth and promote a partnership among community members and their youth to ensure a comprehensive vision and plan for the health of the youth in the town of Milford.

Each month’s event will have a theme that the youth will come up with (an issue or social need in the Greater Milford Area that they find important). For example, the youth already discussed planning one night that will benefit the Milford Daily Bread Food Pantry. Youth will find out what the Food Pantry is in need of and then will ask everyone that attends to bring a canned good. Anyone who brings a canned good will have a discounted entrance fee. All the proceeds and donations will then be given to the Milford Daily Bread Food Pantry. At weekly meetings, youth will decide on and research social needs or community issues they would like to address. They will then help out with fliers, planning and getting the word out. Possible ideas include a dance, battle of the bands, and of course our annual fashion show. The youth hope to address issues including autism and hunger.

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