Year-End Social Capital Campaign

SCI AmeriCorps members celebrating the completion of their service year.
We kicked off a campaign to raise $25,000 to help SCI continue building social capital at the Social Capitalist Luncheon earlier this spring. Thanks to a generous response at the event, we are halfway to our goal. I hope that you will consider making a donation to help us raise the remaining $12,500 we need.
Here are some examples as to how contributions at various levels make a difference:
  • Support teens promoting tolerance ($3,000) -- Supports a new cross-community initiative to bring teens together to explore issues of race and diversity, and develop steps to promote increased tolerance. This builds upon a series of race and diversity dialogues SCI facilitated in Woburn.
  • Fund an SCI Youth Leadership Council ($500) -- Give one group of 20 SCI Youth Council teens a budget to manage and distribute to other compelling youth service projects in their community. Target: 10 gifts of $500.
  • Power SCI community portals ($250) --  Cover the cost of hosting 10 SCI web portals for one month, connecting some 25,000 individuals to volunteer opportunities, community events and vital resources.
  • Train SCI AmeriCorps members ($150) -- Supports the costs (materials and food) of 1 full day of training for 25 full-time AmeriCorps members. With this training each member coordinates 100 adult volunteers or mentors a group of 20 teen leaders.
We certainly welcome your donation at any amount; every gift makes a difference! If you would like your donation to go toward one of the projects mentioned above, please let us know in the additional notes field when you check out. We also welcome general support of SCI's work to promote youth success and healthy communities!
I hope you will consider making a donation as we near the end of the SCI fiscal year on June 30. Your support will be a big help as we prepare for another year of building social capital!