15 Ways You Can Help SCI

15 Ways You Can Help SCI


  1. Donate!
  2. Volunteer to serve as a Woburn Ambassador, sharing your knowledge and passion for Woburn with newcomers.

  3. Join us for #WalkWednesday in Chelsea, or talk to us about how you can get a similar effort going in your community.

  4. Meet with David to explore joining the SCI Board or Ambassadors Council.

  5. Offer your home as a stop on the Woburn Holiday House Tour on Dec. 10 and/or recruit a friend to do so!

  6. Tell someone in your network about the chance to serve with SCI AmeriCorps. We have openings for a 6 month term of service in January, and a 10 month term starting in September.

  7. Contribute an item that can be raffled at the Holiday Wine Tasting on Dec. 10.

  8. Sign-up for one of SCI’s community enewsletters.

  9. Introduce SCI to a new community partner.

  10. Ask your company to sponsor the SCI Luncheon in April and nominate someone to be recognized as a Community Social Capitalist!

  11. Volunteer to help SCI translate community information into Spanish and/or Portuguese.

  12. Serve on the committee planning WorldFest or the Horn Pond Summer Concerts.

  13. Volunteer to help local seniors with raking or shoveling.

  14. Follow SCI on social media.

  15. Connect SCI with a community that could benefit from an SCI community web portal.