SCI Attends Encore Boston's #Gen2Gen Campaign Launch

On Monday, December 12, SCI was excited to attend the Encore Boston Network's Generation to Generation campaign launch event at The Boston Foundation. It was a motivating two and a half hours of nonprofit networking, compelling speakers, and idea exchange. 

Generation to Generation is a five-year campaign focused on mobilizing adults aged 50+ to help young people thrive. Its pilot programs are being launched in four cities including Los Angeles, San Jose, and Seattle, with the hopes of expanding to over 250 communities. The idea came about due to the ever-more-visible notion that we are in the midst of an intergenerational war. Many people across the nation believe that each new generation will be worse off than their parents. However, surveys have shown that millions of adults 50+ are eager to devote their time and energy to working with the youth of today and help them lead vibrant, successful lives. In response, this campaign hopes to close the intergenerational gap and allow for collaboration across all age groups. 

Monday's launch event was quite well attended and included keynote speaker, Ellen Goodman. Ellen is a former writer for the Boston Globe and a Pulitzer-prize winning author. She is a major advocate for the #Gen2Gen campaign, especially in lieu of the post-election when we really need to come together to form a united community. One of the most poignant topics that Ellen touched upon when speaking was the longevity revolution. This idea that our society has come so far as to extend our average mortality and morbidity rates by many years is seen as a burden, as if we've created a problem surrounding old age. However, it is key to remember that the "burden" we are referring to are actually the changemakers of our generation. These were the people who spearheaded women's rights movements, conversations about LGBT, the civil rights movement, and various other social justice campaigns over the years. With that in mind, from the words of Ellen Goodman, "Gen2Gen is about rebuilding a society from the grassroots...we are here to build a future."

Now more than ever, Encore Boston needs your full support in spreading the word about the Generation to Generation campaign. They are looking for partner organizations who are committed to the movement and willing to demonstrate powerful innovations at the ground level. Click here to learn more about the Generations to Generations campaign. When sharing on social media, use the hashtag #Gen2Gen.