Workshop: The Emotional and Hidden Consequences of the Internet


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A free community workshop sponsored by CHNA 15 and led by Jon Mattleman, MS.

Learning about how our children use technology and the REAL dangers of being so connected.

February 8, 2016
10:00 – 11:30 AM

Minuteman Senior Services, 26 Crosby Drive, Bedford (Snow Date of February 22, 2016)

We all worry about how adolescents use technology. But do we worry about the right things? What about the effects of Instagram photos that tell children, "We all went out together and didn't invite you" or Facebook posts that scream, "My life is perfect and I'm popular and you're not"?

This presentation focuses on the technologies adolescents use, why they feel so compelled to be connected 24/7, and how to avoid the real (and often hidden) dangers of engagement. Areas that will be addressed include stress, anxiety and technology, cyber relationships, regulating and monitoring adolescent’s technology use, and the relationship between at-risk behaviors, such as drugs and suicide, and technology.

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