SCI Communities Seek Youth Council Members

Youth Council in Dorchester

As SCI AmeriCorps moves into a new service year, youth leaders from across Eastern Massachusetts seek out teens interested in joining Youth Councils. Youth Councils give teens from ages 12-18 a chance to discuss and act upon compelling issues within their communities. SCI Americorps is looking to further establish Youth Council participation in communities including Salem, Lynn, Revere and Woburn and identify new areas where Youth Councils can become an asset.  


It can be difficult for teens to advocate for their community while the system favors adults as decision makers.  Youth Councils afford teens a say in local affairs and through SCI, Council members will apply for mini-grants, learn skills and collaboration, seek support for a cause, and become leaders.


Social Capital Inc. has Youth Leadership Coordinators currently in Woburn, Salem, Lynn and Revere, ready to assist in the implementation of Youth Councils. Though SCI will supervise and offer initial direction, it will be up to the Council itself to deliberate goals and delegate responsibility.


The focus of Councils will vary from community to community, depending upon some initial goals set by SCI Youth Leadership Coordinators.


“Our Mass in Motion Youth Council will talk about how we can make Salem healthier, and what action to take to make our plans happen,” says Walt Andrews, Salem’s SCI Youth Leadership Coordinator. “We hope youth and residents will join us in making a healthy and powerful youth voice heard in our community.”


If you or anyone you know wants to get involved with Youth Councils or if you’re interested in forming one in your own community, contact Social Capital Inc. at or fill out our intake form here: Click Me!