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SCI currently places 25 AmeriCorps members at nonprofits throughout Eastern Massachusetts (for a full list, see our Locations Page). We are always looking to expand our AmeriCorps program to new organizations throughout the state. Though we are open to new communities, priority will be given to organizations based in communities where members are already serving, as they are covered by our current grant. We will begin accepting applications for the 2015-2016 AmeriCorps term in early 2015, so stay tuned!


SCI AmeriCorps host site partner applications are now available for the 2019 -2020 service year!

To apply for a position as an SCI AmeriCorps host site partner, please review the information below. The deadline to apply is Friday, March 8. We will accept applications on a rolling basis until the positions are filled. We encourage you to apply ASAP and contact Amelia Walters by March 1, if you are planning to apply. Applications will be reviewed immediately. Email with any questions!

 A full information document about hosting an AmeriCorps member is available below along with the blank application form, and all supplement application items. Please read and review each item carefully as some items have changed.


About the SCI AmeriCorps Program

The Social Capital Inc. (SCI) AmeriCorps program will enable community organizations to connect youth with people, experiences, and resources they need to succeed. SCI AmeriCorps members will leverage volunteers that will be engaged in activities to help teenage youth increase their social capital and prospects for school success. SCI AmeriCorps members will be responsible for implementing effective volunteer management best practices and providing leadership training to youth.

We have chosen to focus on the population of disadvantaged youth because of the great need and great potential that encompasses this group. Evidence suggests that providing an opportunity for leadership training, for service learning, and to build positive relationships with adult mentors can make a difference in social capital levels for them.

SCI AmeriCorps members should build the capacity of youth-serving organizations to address the need to connect disadvantaged youth with people, experiences, and resources found to increase the opportunities of economically disadvantaged students.

SCI AmeriCorps is currently an AmeriCorps state program administered by the MSA. The program at Social Capital Inc. began in 2007 and has continued to grow. The SCI AmeriCorps program anticipates having 25 full-time AmeriCorps members who will implement volunteer outreach and capacity building activities and help youth develop their social capital and leadership skills.

Members are divided into two teams, Youth Leadership Coordinators and Volunteer Outreach Coordinators. Position descriptions are provided in the information document. Priority communities for the SCI AmeriCorps program are Boston, Lynn, Fall River, Milford, Wakefield, Stoneham, and Woburn. We may be able to explore additional communities.


SCI has outlined two positions for our AmeriCorps members. Organizations applying to host an SCI AmeriCorps member(s) must apply for either a Volunteer Outreach Coordinator or Youth Leadership Coordinator.

Volunteer Outreach Coordinators (VOC):
Fifteen VOC team members will implement practices for volunteer engagement at their host sites, as well as recruit and manage volunteers. VOC members will begin by reviewing their host agencies pre-assessment to determine existing volunteer systems and what needs to be created or revised. Practices that members will add or enhance might include:

  • a volunteer outreach plan
  • a system for screening and matching volunteers to appropriate roles
  • volunteer training
  • regular communication with volunteers
  • volunteer recognition program

Volunteers recruited by SCI AmeriCorps members should contribute to a wide range of programming including mentoring services, health and resource fairs, community service projects, and more. Some members of the VOC team will manage SCI community web portals that highlight volunteer opportunities along with educational and health resources; coordinate social media activity to connect with potential volunteers and highlight volunteers' accomplishments. These VOC members will also publish a weekly community eBlast with upcoming events, educational tips, and volunteer opportunities. All of these volunteer outreach activities support our ultimate goal of connecting youth with people, experiences, and resources they need to succeed. Volunteers recruited by SCI AmeriCorps members serve economically disadvantaged families in their communities, with a particular emphasis on youth.

Youth Leadership Coordinators (YLC):
Ten YLC members will increase the capacity of host sites to train young leaders and engage youth in social capital building and community service- learning. A primary component of each YLC member's service will be to train and support a core group of 20 youth leaders who will make up a local youth council. Members will use the SCI Youth Leadership Curriculum with youth council members on an ongoing basis for undertakings such as distributing mini-grants to other youth service learning projects to engage more youth in positive community activities. This curriculum provides a project-based method for teens to develop leadership skills as they recruit other students to participate. SCI AmeriCorps YLCs will engage youth in leadership development training and, in turn, these youth will engage their peers in community service learning.

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