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Everett and Malden Vaccine Clinic Schedule & VEAP Leader Information

Published by Charlie Kwitchoff on

Our Vaccine Equity & Access Program (VEAP) is continuing to search for Leaders in Malden and Everett, in order to promote the community based clinics being offered there. If you want to help keep your community safe from COVID and are from those areas, this could be a great way to do that!

VEAP Leaders are members of the community who receive special support and training from SCI to implement a community specific outreach strategy. In Malden and Everett specifically, we are asking these leaders to help promote COVID vaccination clinics being put on by several local partners and supported by the Department of Public Health. A stipend of up to $500 is available for serving in this VEAP Leader role.

Everett & Malden Clinic Schedule

In terms of the clinics themselves, here are the schedules and locations for those clinics! If you are interested in learning more about the VEAP Leader role, please email Charlie Kwitchoff, our Vaccine Equity Outreach Coordinator, at or fill out this form!