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Spring into Action with Healthy Habits for a Fresh Start this Spring!

Published by Nicole Porter on

Happy April! As the weather begins to warm up and the flowers start to bloom, it’s the perfect time of year to turn over a new leaf and prioritize your health. 

If you or your family members have fallen behind on preventative health care, now is a great time to catch up. Yearly check-ups, screenings, and vaccinations are all vital components of staying healthy, reducing your risk of serious illnesses, and managing any conditions you may currently have.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many people missed important appointments and vaccinations. It’s especially important for children to receive regular well-child and dental visits to monitor their development and find health problems early, when they’re usually easier to treat. There are also many important vaccinations children should receive in early childhood, which are necessary to prevent serious illnesses.

Adults need annual exams in order to monitor their health, discuss any concerns with their doctor, make sure any health issues are being managed properly, screen for diseases, and ensure they are up-to-date on important vaccinations.

So take the first step in prioritizing the health of you and your loved ones this spring! If you or any of the family members you care for are behind on a physical exam, experiencing unusual symptoms, or have any health concerns, take a moment to schedule an appointment with your doctor. It’s also a good idea to ask your doctor about any vaccines that may be necessary for you or your family members.

Let’s make this spring a season of positive changes and a commitment to good health. Wishing you a happy and healthy spring!

For more information about important vaccines for children and adults visit:
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Wondering where to get vaccinated?  

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