social capital noun. the value of our social networks & relationships

Social Capital for Youth Educational Opportunities

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In episode 5 of the Cultivating Connections podcast, host David Crowley talks with Ayele Shakur, President of the Redstone Family Foundation.

Ayele talks about how she centers relationship building in her work. Throughout her career,  she has focused on helping young people develop the social capital they need to flourish in school and beyond. Ayele also describes how she prioritizes intentional relationship building in her work to develop partnerships to support young people and address issues of racism and antisemitism.

We also learn in this way how a friend encouraged her to try teaching, launching a career in education. Tune into the episode to learn what Ayele initially planned to do after graduation from Boston University, and about what she has learned in her journey to ignite the potential of youth from underserved communities.

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About the Guest

Ayele Shakur (She/Her)

Ayele Shakur brings over three decades of experience as an innovator in urban education. She is currently President of the Redstone Family Foundation, whose mission is to combat racism and antisemitism primarily through civics and cross-cultural education for children, youth, and families while also including the broader community.
Previously, Ayele worked for for a total of 12 years – first as the founding Regional Executive Director for BUILD Boston, and then as Chief Executive Officer. Read Ayele’s full bio.


Join SCI in honoring Ayele on May 2nd!

This episode was produced by Leah Mulrenan and Sierra Dearns.

About SCI Social Capital Inc.

Our story at SCI centers on strengthening communities by intentionally cultivating connections through inclusive community programs, partnerships, and leadership development.

In June of 2002, SCI was founded by David Crowley. Returning to his hometown of Woburn, he created an organization focused on bringing people together. For two decades, we have taken action, big and small, to respond to what our community needs, in our hometown, and beyond.

The concept of social capital is about the importance of our social networks, and the value of the trust in relationships and communities. SCI addresses the need to increase the social capital of a community and the individuals in it.

SCI’s mission is to strengthen communities by connecting diverse individuals and organizations through civic engagement initiatives.

Episode Transcript

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