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SCI AmeriCorps is Recruiting

Published by Phil Gordon on

SCI AmeriCorps is now recruiting members to serve across our various partner sites in Eastern Massachusetts! Members will fill one of two positions, Volunteer Outreach Coordinators (VOC) or Youth Leadership Coordinators (YLC), and will serve from January 2020 to June 2020, constituting 900 hours of service.

The AmeriCorps program strives to aid surrounding communities by providing valuable resources to individuals, thus increasing youth success and creating opportunities for personal and societal growth. Our members support youth success and help to envision a bright future for everyone regardless of background by implementing volunteer outreach and capacity building activities that increase volunteer participation, and by providing leadership training and community service opportunities for youth.

When you join AmeriCorps, you use your energy, ideals, and talents to help others. Plus, members will earn money for education, learn to be a leader, and gain real job skills. To apply or to learn more, click here.


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