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Is It Time for an Update?

Published by Nicole Porter on

As February comes to a close and we start thinking about warmer weather, more daylight, and blooming flowers, it’s a good time to take a moment and consider how you can care for your health as springtime approaches. One important thing to think about is if you need to update your COVID-19 vaccine. If you got your last COVID vaccine before September 2022, then it’s time for an update!

With the public health emergency ending on May 11th, and plans for the Federal COVID-19 Vaccination Program to come to an end sometime in the summer or fall of 2023, there will be many changes taking place. One such change is that insurance companies will begin being charged for the COVID-19 vaccine. This means that uninsured adults may have to pay for their immunizations when the current federal stockpile runs out, making it especially important to be sure that you are up to date on your COVID-19 vaccinations if these changes may affect you.

Why Is It Important To Get an Updated COVID-19 vaccine?

  • The virus that causes COVID-19 changes over time. An updated booster gives you better protection against the newer COVID-19 variants (different versions of the virus that have developed over time). 
  • Your immunity naturally decreases over time. The updated booster helps your immune system to react quickly if you are infected by the COVID-19 virus and will work to keep it from doing real harm. 

The updated COVID-19 vaccine (also known as the bivalent booster) is available for people ages 6 months and older. If the last COVID vaccination you received was before September 2022, then you’re due for an updated COVID-19 vaccine! Head into Spring knowing you and your loved ones have the best protection against COVID-19!

For more information about the bivalent booster see COVID-19 Bivalent Vaccine Boosters 

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