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Highlighting Healthy Habits

Published by Liandra Reyes on

In April, SCI AmeriCorps member, Anar Kansara, launched the Healthy Habits program! Anar, serving with the Fenway CDC worked incredibly hard to put this program together for residents of the Fenway community and others. Healthy Habits strives to help others understand their own health and the culture around health and wellness.

Many webinars in this series are offered in collaboration with Northeastern University. Students from Northeastern create presentations about various subjects about health and wellness in hopes to help others learn and understand topics surrounding health better! Some of these topics include: nutrition, crash dieting, and intuitive eating! All the presentations are followed by a question and answer session where the participants can ask the presenters to clarify a slide or elaborate more on a section. The webinars are open to everyone so check out our social media to find out when the next webinar will be!