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Health Equity and Knowing Our History with Michael Curry

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This episode of the Cultivating Connections podcast features Dr. Michael Curry, Esq. as the guest interviewed by host David Crowley.  Michael is the President and CEO of the Massachusetts League of Community Health Centers.

Reflecting on his upbringing, Michael emphasizes the importance of understanding history and the context of societal disparities. He discusses the critical role of community health centers, which originated from the civil rights movement, in providing accessible and culturally competent care. He also delves into the Massachusetts Coalition for Health Equity, highlighting the urgency of addressing health disparities and advocating for policy changes.

Throughout the conversation, Michael stresses the significance of self-education, consciousness, and active participation in driving meaningful change in society. Through his words, Michael inspires listeners to become informed, engaged citizens who actively work towards promoting equity and justice in their communities.

About the Guest

Michael Curry, Esq. President & CEO of the Massachusetts League of Community Health Centers

Read Michael’s Bio and see Michael’s inspiring speech as one of our 2023 SCI Idealists.

Episode Notes & Resources

Massachusetts League of Community Health Centers

Health Equity Compact

This episode was produced by Leah Mulrenan and Sierra Dearns.

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Episode Transcript

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