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Enhancing Philanthropic Engagement and Collective Impact

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In this episode of Cultivating Connections, host David Crowley engages in a lively conversation with Gail O’Rourke, a seasoned entrepreneur and the driving force behind the innovative mobile application, Benefact4

Drawing from her rich entrepreneurial journey in cabinetmaking and construction, Gail shares insights into her transition into the tech industry and the inspiration behind Benefact4. With a deep commitment to philanthropy and a passion for bringing people together, Gail describes how Benefact4 serves as a powerful tool for tracking and viewing the collective impact of volunteer work. Through real-time updates and a social component, the app fosters a sense of community and highlights the value of each contribution of time and money.

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About the Guest

Gail O’Rourke

Gail O’Rourke is a dynamic business leader and a visionary entrepreneur with a remarkable track record of success. With a foundation in cabinetmaking and construction, Gail propelled her kitchen design business from its inception to an industry leader, boasting $8 million in annual revenue and $1.1 million in EBITA, culminating in a lucrative seven-figure exit—all within a decade.

Fueled by a passion for innovation and a heartfelt commitment to philanthropy, Gail has now embraced the tech industry. She is at the helm of developing Benefact4, a pioneering mobile application dedicated to enhancing philanthropic engagement. Benefact4 innovatively tracks and visualizes donations, volunteer efforts, and acts of kindness, inspiring users by illustrating the profound impact of their collective contributions over time. Through Benefact4, Gail aims to weave a powerful narrative around philanthropy, emphasizing that even the smallest acts of generosity can spearhead significant positive change in society.

Her entrepreneurial journey underscores a deep-seated belief in the power of business to not only achieve commercial success but also to forge a better world. Gail’s story is a testament to what can be achieved when expertise, innovation, and a drive to give back converge.


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This episode was produced by Leah Mulrenan and Sierra Dearns.

About SCI Social Capital Inc.

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Episode Transcript

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