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Great Places to Grow Up and Grow Old

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Nora Moreno Cargie

In this episode of the SCI Cultivating Connections podcast, host David Crowley welcomes Nora Moreno Cargie, President of the Point32 Health Foundation and Vice President of Corporate Citizenship for Point32 Health. Nora will be recognized as a 2024 SCI Idealist recipient at the May 2 Connect & Inspire event.

Nora brings extensive experience in nonprofit and philanthropic work to the conversation. They delve into Nora’s background and pivotal moments in her career, particularly her realization about the importance of community-based insights versus external directives from funders. Nora emphasizes the need for funders to be proximate to the work and to honor community knowledge. The conversation explores the essence of creating great places for people to grow up and grow old, highlighting the importance of inclusivity, engagement, and listening in community-centered initiatives. 

Nora shares insights on challenges and opportunities in philanthropy, advocating for humility, active listening, and building bridges that facilitate two-way communication. Through their discussion, Nora underscores the value of authentic storytelling and the significance of recognizing shared humanity amidst diverse experiences.

Stay tuned – Michael Curry’s interview with David will drop on Thursday, March 14th!

About the Guest

Nora Moreno Cargie (Ella/She), President of the Point32 Health Foundation and Vice President of Corporate Citizenship for Point32 Health

Nora will be recognized as a 2024 SCI Idealist! Join us in celebrating with us on May 2nd!

Nora Moreno Cargie has a dual role at Point32Health: vice president of corporate citizenship and president for Point32Health Foundation. She previously worked at the Boeing Company as director of global corporate citizenship; for Illinois Action for Children as vice president of communications; and deputy communications director with Barak Obama’s 2004 U.S. Senate campaign. Today, Nora is on the board of the Connecticut Council for Philanthropy and Conexión, an organization supporting the advancement of Latine talent. She also serves on the Executive Forum for Boston College’s Center for Corporate Citizenship and the Elder Stakeholders Group, convened by AARP Massachusetts to inform policy and practice in aging. Nora earned a bachelor’s degree from Columbia College and a master’s from NorthPark University, both in Chicago, Illinois. Read Nora’s full bio.

Episode Notes & Resources

Visit Point32 Health Foundation online!

ReiMAgine Aging Podcast:These stories feature community voices sharing what their communities are doing to be great places to grow up and grow old.  We’re so grateful to all the people and organizations who agreed to be interviewed for this series. It’s such an honor to showcase this work!

This episode was produced by Leah Mulrenan and Sierra Dearns.

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Our story at SCI centers on strengthening communities by intentionally cultivating connections through inclusive community programs, partnerships, and leadership development.

In June of 2002, SCI was founded by David Crowley. Returning to his hometown of Woburn, he created an organization focused on bringing people together. For two decades, we have taken action, big and small, to respond to what our community needs, in our hometown, and beyond.

The concept of social capital is about the importance of our social networks, and the value of the trust in relationships and communities. SCI addresses the need to increase the social capital of a community and the individuals in it.

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Episode Transcript

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