On this #GivingTuesday, giving to SCI gives back to your community!


At SCI, as the chill returns to the air, our thoughts turn back to last winter and its unrelenting snowstorms. On a visit to the local Woburn senior center, SCI founder David Crowley was told about several seniors who had not been able to leave their homes since the storm began. He learned about Mrs. Connors, a frail 83 year old who was trudging to the back of her home after each snow desperately trying to keep her heating vents clear. 

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Help SCI develop young leaders into compassionate, engaged adults!

Last week, I was reminded of an amazing fact: SCI programming changes lives. While looking through dusty surveys completed by members of SCI Youth Councils in 2010, I came across a familiar name: Genesis Barrientos. 
Genesis is one of our 25 amazing SCI AmeriCorps members this year - 
a recent college graduate eager to give back to her community and willing to dedicate a year of her life to service. But just five years ago as a high school student in Lynn, she was a Girls Inc. of Lynn member serving on the Part of the Solution Youth Council, a youth leadership council facilitated by SCI AmeriCorps members.
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Voter Disparity in Local Elections

Your Vote Counts

The organization of law enforcement, emergency services, public works and municipal courts all reflect decisions made by appointed local officials. Despite this, local electorates consistently forgoe their right to choose municipal leadership with some parts of the country posting mere 10% voter turnouts. Low numbers are especially visible during off-cycle years (years where hardly any members of the federal government are elected) and are representative of distinct socioeconomic factors.


Let’s take Boston for example. During off-cycle elections voter participation drops by a significant percent:


Source: commonwealthmagazine.org


Not only is turnout abysmal in general (Boston is home to over 650,000 with more than 80% above the age of 18), but in off cycle seasons, Boston sees an approximate 10,000 vote deficit. This however, makes sense.    

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Improving Food Access and SCI

Market Food

In a previous article I discussed food deserts and swamps, what they look like and what might be the impact of limited access to healthy food options; we see low income areas littered with fast food, and corner stores that provide mostly high-calorie, low nutrient junk. As a result, obesity rates rise and community health diminishes.


To combat this now prominent issue, Social Capital Inc. and organizations alike move to uplift populations moored by limited food resources. Particularly, SCI cultivates youth and community gardening projects, works to sustain Farmers’ Markets, and implements healthy options in local stores.

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Volunteer needed to create e-mail blasts and maintain web portal--Woburn

Communications image

Social Capital Inc. in Woburn is looking for a tech-savy volunteer to learn constant-contact email and our web portal system.  This will be a good way to get some experience in writing, communications and web management.  A good candidate will have familiarity with software like MS office and possess good writing skills.


If you are interested, contact Dan Arrick of SCI at darrick@socialcapitalinc.org.


Thank you!