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Neighborhood Food Drive

Published by Andrew Gibson on

2020 SCI Neighborhood Food Drive

Upon hearing that the fall letter carriers’ food drive was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, SCI quickly organized a major Neighborhood Food Drive to ensure there would be enough food available at the Woburn Council of Social Concern Food Drive.

On Saturday, October 24, SCI deployed 18 volunteers across Woburn and Winchester as part of the Neighborhood Food Drive. With only three weeks of lead-time we received an overwhelming response from volunteers that wanted to help collect food and over 140 homes across Woburn signed up to have food retrieved from their doorstep. We gathered over 2,000 food items as part of this drive and together we donated over $5,000 in food to the Food Pantry. Thanks to the action of residents in Woburn and Winchester, the drive was a great success!