social capital noun. the value of our social networks & relationships

On Thursday, June 11 SCI honored Jay Ash, Sandra Cotterell, and our Community Social Capitalists at our virtual Social Capitalist Luncheon

The virtual SCL combined a 30 minute award presentation program, along with interactive components available to SCL guests. The program also included virtual breakout rooms with discussions led by our award recipients.

SCI presented Jay Ash and Sandra Cotterell as the 2020 SCI Idealists.

Jay Ash is the President & CEO of the Massachusetts Competitive Partnership, a non-partisan, nonprofit organization comprised of 17 CEOs of some of the largest businesses in Massachusetts. His work there focusing on policies and initiatives that make the Massachusetts economy stronger and more competitive, comes after serving as the Commonwealth’s Secretary of Housing and Economic Development in Governor Charlie Baker’s first cabinet. During his four-year tenure, Jay led efforts to retain and attract businesses, promote the revitalization of communities, and support the prosperity of the state’s residents. He previously served for 14 years as the city manager in his native Chelsea, where significant gains were made in economic development, community engagement and quality of life.

Click here for more background on Jay’s experience.

Check out the video below to hear Jay’s powerful speech about white privilege, equality, and how those with power can be better allies.

Sandra Cotterell is the CEO of Codman Square Health Center. She has been at the helm of this vibrant, multi-service community health center since 2011, and has worked at Codman for more than 25 years. She won the Outstanding CEO award from the Massachusetts League of Community Health Centers in 2019, and has been recognized as one of the Top 100 Women Leaders in Business by the Boston Globe and the Commonwealth Institute for the past 6 years. Sandra sits on the Board of Directors of Boston Medical Center, as well as many other healthcare and community-focused organizations.

Click here for more background on Sandra’s experience.

Check out the video to hear Sandra’s speech about the importance of staying connected as a community in order to respond to COVID-19. As well as tackling racial injustice.

2020 Community Social Capitalist Award Winners:

  • Boston City Councilor, Julia Mejia (nominated by Inversant & Stop and Compare Supermarkets)
  • Partnership Director for Codman Square Health Center, Chetna Naimi (nominated by Codman Square Health Center)
  • Secretary for Labor and Workforce Development, Rosalin Acosta (Nominated by Stop and Compare Supermarkets)
  • Partner for Goulston & Storrs, Matt Epstein (nominated by Goulston & Storrs)
  • The CEO & Co-Founder of Latinos for Education, Amanda Fernandez (nominated by the YMCA of Greater Boston)

Discussion Topics Included

  • “Navigating the economic challenges posed by COVID-19” – presented by Jay Ash and Bob Rivers

  • “At the Front Lines: Community Health Centers Responding to COVID-19” – presented by Sandra Cotterell and Chetna Naimi

  • “Moving Forward as One: Addressing socioeconomic inequalities as the Commonwealth rebuilds from COVID-19” – presented by Boston City Councilor, Julia Mejia

  • “Things to think about when joining a nonprofit board” – presented by Matt Epstein

  • “The Persistent Achievement Gap: How will COVID-19 & Virtual Learning Impact the Issue?” – presented by Amanda Fernandez