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It’s Not Too Late To Get Your Flu Vaccine!

Published by Nicole Porter on

As we move into a new month and find ourselves well into flu season, you may be wondering if it’s still necessary for you to get a flu shot if you haven’t done so already.

Every year, the flu sickens millions, hospitalizes hundreds of thousands, and causes tens of thousands of deaths in the United States. This year is no different as the CDC has reported an estimate of at least 25 million illnesses, 280,000 hospitalizations, and 17,000 deaths from flu. Flu vaccines are the best way to protect against the flu.  They help prevent infection and can also help guard against serious complications in people who are vaccinated but still get sick with the flu.  Currently, the CDC continues to recommend that everyone ages 6 months and older get an annual flu vaccine as long as flu activity continues.

So it’s not too late!  If you haven’t gotten your flu vaccine yet, there’s still time and it’s still important. Stay healthy, protect your loved ones, and get your flu shot today!  And remember, if you’re not up to date on your COVID-19 vaccinations,  you can get your COVID-19 Booster at the same time as your flu shot!  

Wondering where to get vaccinated?  

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