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H.A.L.T.: Continuing a Lynn Youth Leadership Tradition

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Our 2019-2020 SCI  AmeriCorps service year has begun! Our AmeriCorps members are an integral part in how SCI helps our local communities. This year, one of our host sites, Girls Inc. of Lynn, is continuing the H.A.L.T. tradition, a great example of how SCI AmeriCorps members help develop young leaders. 

Our current AmeriCorps member stationed at Girls Inc. has given us an overview of the HALT conference/program and how it benefits the youth in the Lynn community:

My name is Liandra Reyes and I serve as the Youth Leadership Coordinator at Girls Inc. of Lynn. At my host site, I am the advisor of the Part of The Solution (POS) Peer Leaders. The POS Peer Leaders is a group of six teen girls representing a variety of high schools in Lynn. All of the POS peer leaders had to apply and interview for the position; they are paid a monthly stipend to compensate for their work. Together we plan events and teach lessons about Substance Abuse Prevention. Specifically, the POS peer leader teach lessons and facilitate activities for middle school girls to educate them on healthy coping mechanisms, decision making, and substances. The girls also work on planning events, our most recent project and one of the largest of the year is the HALT conference.  

HALT, which stands for Healthy Alternatives for Lynn Teens, is an annual event that introduces teens in the community to the resources and organizations that Lynn has to offer. All of the highlighted organizations offer programming as a safe and productive outlet for teens to spend their time. HALT consists of workshops, a resource fair, talent show and basketball tournament. 

This year’s HALT event has seven workshops put on by different organizations in Lynn. Some workshops include “Know Your Rights” hosted by the Lynn Police Department, showcasing their Friday night drop in center while also teaching participants about rights they should be aware if they were to be stopped by an officer. Another example of a workshop will be hosted by  Girls Inc., this is entitled “Life after High School” which will be run by the College Access Coordinator at Girls Inc. to get teens thinking about a career path they may be interested in pursuing. 

After the workshops, there will be a resource fair, basketball tournament and a talent show. The talent show has been organized by myself and the peer leaders I advise. I have coordinated with the Lynn YMCA about their involvement in the talent show and in the conference generally. I have also been tasked with the responsibility to organize the volunteers needed to successfully run the HALT event. We have even had SCI members volunteer to help us make the day successful! This event is right around the corner on Saturday November 16, 2019 from 3PM-9:30PM at Lynn Vocational Technical Institute.

HALT is just a singular example of all the good work that SCI AmeriCorps members are doing. We need continued support from donors like you to keep our programs running, which directly benefit communities all over the Greater Boston area. Your support, time, and effort given to SCI really does make a difference in raising the social capital of our local communities!

Thank you for your support of Social Capital Inc. and the SCI AmeriCorps program!

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