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Meet the Team: Greater Love Tabernacle Youth Ministry

Published by Leah Mulrenan on

Meet the 2024 YGPC Greater Love Tabernacle Youth Ministry team and their two volunteer coaches, Magnus Mammy and Christian Klacko!

The Greater Love Tabernacle Youth Ministry YGPC team will develop a back-to-school kickoff cookout for inner-city youth that focuses on providing a safe space for the youth and promoting positive mental health. They plan to have fun games, yummy food, an outdoor movie related to mental health, a safe space information tent, and a table with free school supplies.

Their coach, Magnus Mammy, is the co-founder of SEMBE, a mobile platform that offers a comprehensive and user-friendly experience revolutionizing laundry services. He is an expert in creating innovative solutions to tackle real-time business challenges and has a proven track record of achieving tactical and strategic goals. Magnus is passionate about helping the team build the skills they need for a successful and confident pitch. “Everyone needs a mentor/coach, and I’m no exception,” stated Magnus. “I’m just passing it forward.”

The team’s second coach, Christian Clacko, successfully built multiple companies from concept to sell-off. His most recent company is, a cloud-based digital engagement solution for financial institutions that applies machine learning to customer data to improve engagement and drive financial service sales. Although Christian has been involved as a coach or mentor to young entrepreneurs, mostly at MIT, he wanted to extend his reach to his immediate community.

The goal of SCI’s Pitch Contest is to provide youth with the opportunity to decide how to strengthen their community while practicing valuable professional skills such as public speaking, project management, and community organizing. With the guidance and support of multiple professional volunteer coaches, each youth team will develop their project ideas and be in the driver’s seat of positive change. The youth teams will also have the opportunity to participate in skill-building workshops related to team collaboration, public speaking, and pitch development.

The Pitch program will culminate on April 6th, when SCI will host the in-person Pitch Event at the Microsoft NERD Center where $14,000 of grant funds will be awarded to at least 7 of our participating youth groups. Media are invited to attend the Pitch Event. Funded youth teams will have until November 2024 to complete their respective projects and submit a project impact report.

This project is supported by Kick It for a Cause, Winning Home, Inc., Social Equity Access Fund, Gail O’Rourke, founder, Benefact4, Enterprise Bank, the AmeriCorps Agency, Massachusetts Service Alliance, and a Massachusetts state budget line item, thanks to the advocacy of State Senator Cindy Friedman. Major support for SCI Woburn is provided by Cummings Properties.