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Lift all voices.

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Getting to know Mass Poetry, an SCI AmeriCorps host site

Mass Poetry envisions a world where poetry catalyzes understanding and connection. Harnessing the power of words to engage and empower diverse communities across Massachusetts, Mass Poetry’s innovative programs spark dialogue, connection, and self expression to create a vibrant, inclusive community that lifts all voices.

From hosting the Massachusetts Poetry Festival to in-school poetry residencies, their free and low-cost programs aim to bolster literacy and communication skills, inspire a life-long love of learning, and empower community members of all ages. Mass Poetry identifies as an anti-racist and anti-poverty arts organization focused on programs in Greater Boston, particularly for community members who have not historically had access to high-quality arts programming. 

With new strategic direction and a brick-and-mortar location in Boston’s Seaport neighborhood, the SCI AmeriCorps member will focus on helping expand the reach and impact of its in-school programs among underserved students; continue building inclusive audiences and volunteers with its public programs and engage the community in valuing poetry as a means of self-expression, reflection, and empowerment.

In addition to cultivating community connections, SCI AmeriCorps members will also have access to the following benefits:

  • Receive a Taxable Stipend up to $23,000/year, paid bi-weekly
  • Earn a Federal Education Award worth up to $6,495 upon successful completion of service that can be used towards past, future or a family member’s* university education (*if you are aged 55 or older at time of service; certain restrictions on family transfers apply)
  • 40-hour SCI Member Professional Development Certificate Program: professional development training in Volunteer Management, Building Social Capital, Community Outreach, Youth Development, Project Management, and DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion)
  • Eligible for Free Healthcare at a no-cost premium
  • Can receive Student Loan Forbearance during active service

This position at Mass Poetry has been filled for the current year. Learn more about similar opportunities to support youth in our communities, grow as an individual, engage volunteers, and create community connections!