SCI Accomplishments: Celebrating 2016 by numbers and stories

As we ring in the new year, SCI would like to take a look back at its many accomplishments of 2016! As a leader in community connection and engagement, SCI has trained and supported young leaders, recruited thousands of volunteers to give back to their communities, and created Web portals allowing individuals to access community resources. By promoting social capital throughout nineteen Eastern Massachusetts towns, SCI has proven that through hard work and dedication we can create healther and happier communities.

In the year 2016:

  • 3732 volunteers gave back to their communities
  • AmeriCorps members, along with the volunteers they recruited, served a total of 52,881 hours - this is the economic equivalent of $1,245,876
  • 362 youth leaders were trained and supported
  • Over 24,000 individuals used SCI's community web portals 

Also in the year 2016:

SCI and our partners benefited from the service of its 25 AmeriCorps members - some of whose stories we would like to share. 

The Food Project - Rae Axner has done extensive work growing their volunteer Work for Share program, which recruits youth to support farmers in the spring and fall months. She has also successfully recruited over 50 community members for the Lynn Grows project, which are a series of youth-led workshops that raise awareness about the food system in Lynn.

Lynn Food and Fitness Alliance - Bridget Peters has advised and mentored her youth council through Lynn Public Schools, helping them to create the School Food Advisory Council. The youth are working to create a survey with Bridget's guidance, in the hopes of improving the school food system in Lynn.

United Neighbors of Fall River - Jessica Wong serves as the program leader of W.A.V.E., a program that provides support to young women looking to graduate high school and pursue successful careers. Jessica supports 36 women and works with three different school guidance departments to create unique learning curriculums that ensure the women's success.

The Marion Institute - Yveldy Julien serves with the Grow Education program, which builds community gardens throughout New Bedford to promote community connection and education. Yveldy has successfully helped the program build relationships with the surrounding residents and schools, and coordinated numerous monthly meet-up groups for community involvement.

In addition to these stories made possible through the SCI AmeriCorps program, SCI President David Crowley details some additional 2016 accomplishments such as the Chelsea #WalkWednesday program and the #WoburnUnites vigil. SCI spread our impact further in 2016 through successful trainings, including a 3 part series on "Social Media for Nonprofit Professionals" for CHNA 15, and a regional youth leadership training for teens working on substance abuse prevention in Gloucester, Danvers and Beverly. 

This is just a small sample of the numerous projects and programs that SCI has worked to promote in parternship with other community members and organizations. We thank our partners, AmeriCorps members, and all of the volunteers who have given back to their communities with us. We are looking forward to a new year, one that promises health, happiness, and social capital!