SCI in the News

Milford Teen Recognized

One of the Milford Youth Center teens was recognized by Milford Patch for the difference he is making in the community. To read more, click here

My Fall River Fitness Challenge

SCI AmeriCorps member, Beth Ayer, helped captains from some of the 45 teams signed up for the Fall River Fitness Challenge get started on the web. To read the article, click here

Find Yourself Fridays at Milford Youth Center

Read about an event hosted by the Milford Youth Center, where SCI AmeriCorps member, Jen Ward is serving. This event drew over 70 youth in early February. To read the article, click here.

Can Social Media Build Social Capital?

Read a conversation with SCI Founder, David Crowley about how social media can help build social capital. To read the article, click here.

Woburn Remembers Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Social Capital Inc. is a proud co-sponsor, for the eighth year in a row, of the Martin Luther King Jr. Scholarship Luncheon. You can read press coverage of the event from the Woburn Advocate by clicking here.

Milford Youth Plan Friday Night Events

"Title," by Author, The SCI Daily News

Members of the JAG Youth Council received a $1,000 for their Youth Venture proposal.  The Youth Council, now in its third year, is one of six such councils that utilize the SCI Youth Leadership Curriculum.  The initial funding to start the Council came from a Comcast Foundation grant.Read more

SCI 2010 Fall Quarterly News

 Click on the attachment below to view the SCI 2010 Fall Quarterly News. 

SCI Talks Social Media at Rotary

"Title," by Author, The SCI Daily News

David Crowley, Founder of SCI and Kallie McConkie, an SCI AmeriCorps member presented at Rotary in October about practical uses for social media in business. See the attached article from the Daily Times Chronicle for more information. 

SCI participates in Digital and Media Literacy Event

The Roundtable on Digital & Media Literacy David participated in on Wednesday, November 10 can be viewed at & @ReneeHobbs paper is also posted on the site. This report & roundtable is one of a series of activities following-up on the Knight Commission on the Information Needs of Communities in a Democracy recommendation.

The important issues raised in these papers intersects with the service activities of our SCI Outreach & Technology AmeriCorps team--part of why David was pleased to travel to D.C. to participate in this conversation. David wrote previously about the connection between the Knight paper & work here:

Leadership for the Social Good

"Leadership for the Social Good" by Mark McCurdy, The Non-profit Career Coach

SCI President & Founder David Crowley joined Mark McCurdy on his radio show for an interview on September 27. Click here to hear the interview.