SCI Woburn

As SCI’s main office and charter web portal are based here, Woburn is the headquarters of Social Capital Inc. All staff, including SCI President and Founder David Crowley, are Woburn natives, making wellness and civic engagement in Woburn a priority for all. In addition to regular staff, SCI AmeriCorps members and Volunteer Outreach Coordinators serve in the Woburn office, maintaining and updating both SCIWoburn.org and the SCI main site with different ways for Woburnites to connect with their community.
  • SCI AmeriCops members update the people of Woburn to volunteer opportunities and resources through the SCIWobun.org. In addition to coordinating the committee for SCI's annual WorldFest, he has been focusing on ways to engage Woburn youth in community service activities and introduce low income youth to higher education opportunities.


Boys & Girls Club of Woburn

One of SCI's first partners, the Woburn's B&GC hosts three Youth Leadership Coordinators to assist with programming at both the club and Joyce Middle School. Congratulations to the Club on it's 50th year!

  • YLCs create and assist in programming for teens in after-school programs, as well as facilitate and lead the Club's Youth Council.

SCI AmeriCorps members on their visit to Woburn Memorial High School
Boys & Girls Club YLCs with SCI AmeriCorps Program director Leah Mulrenan at 50th Anniversary Gala
Former SCI Woburn AmeriCorps members Brian and current Grants Specialist Jordan Caress at a meeting with the Woburn Superintedent of Schools
Participants in WorldFest!