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Floppy Disks to Facebook: Millennials’ Search for Engagement and Community

Image of someone on a computer with the word #Millennials

When I was 7, I would sneak into my family’s kitchen and log onto the computer, throw in a floppy disk (the big ones, that were actually floppy) and fail miserably at Jeopardy for MS-DOS.  I never understood how my aunt had claimed all of the top scores.Read more

Millennials Finding Their Own Ways to Engage

I read data about the Millennial generation with great interest. Sure, size has something to do with it. Now the largest and most diverse generation of Americans, Millennials are positioned to have a big influence on our society. The majority of our AmeriCorps members fall into the Millennial category, so learning about this group is pretty relevant for this Gen Xer. In addition, this generation is very interesting when it comes to social capital related data.Read more

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