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building social capital

SCI AmeriCorps to Partner with New Host Sites

"SCI to Partner with New Host Sites," by Katie Russo, The SCI Daily News

With the start of a new year, SCI AmeriCorps has extended their programming to reach some new locations across Eastern Massachusetts. New AmeriCorps host sites include the East Boston Neighborhood Health Center, East Boston Social Center, Everyday Boston, Maverick Landing Community Services and United Way of New Bedford. They are currently recruiting for January to June positions where members serve full time and complete 900 hours of service over the course of six months.

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Merry Christmas! Or Happy Holidays? A Social Capitalist Take

You are parting ways after a business meeting around this time of year, and note your colleague is pausing for a moment. They may well be thinking, “Merry Christmas! Or Happy Holidays?”, trying to summon an appropriate greeting for the season.

I know many friends are a bit frustrated that when they are excited about Christmas coming up, they need to filter their instinct to wish people “Merry Christmas!”. Saying “Happy Holidays” instead may feel like a watering down of an important celebration in the Christian tradition.Read more

David Crowley's Interview with Friends of Kevin Radio Show

Earlier this month, SCI President and Founder, David Crowley had a segment on the Friends of Kevin radio show. Friends of Kevin is a networking group that brings together the business, nonprofit, and artistic communities. The Friends of Kevin radio show airs on WSMN in Nashua, NH on Mondays from 11:00 am until 12:00 pm. The show consists of three segments where Kevin interviews guests about their organizations. To listen to the interview between Kevin and David, please click here.

Now Accepting SCI AmeriCorps Host Site Applications

SCI is currently accepting applications for our positions that begin in September 2014! These AmeriCorps positions are for our SCI AmeriCorps Volunteer Outreach Coordinator Positions and our SCI AmeriCorps Youth Leadership Coordinator Positions. SCI is taking applications from organizations in various communities in Eastern Massachusetts that would like to partner with us to build social capital within your organization and community. 

Join the SCImpact Conversation

We asked our guests at the SCI Social Capitalist Luncheon some questions to uncover how social capital is being raised in their communities. Even though the event has ended, we are continuing the conversation and we want to hear your thoughts!

To join in on the conversation, answer these questions below using the hashtag #SCImpact. 

Please answer the following questions by first tweeting the number of the question (i.e. A1), your response, and then #SCImpact:

For example: A1 People in Woburn connected via social media to raise $ for those in need of emergency fuel assistance this winter. #SCImpact

Q1 What's an interesting way people have connected in your community to address a local need?

Q2 Do you know your neighbors?

Q3 What community issue are you most passionate about?

Q4 What is something you have done to bring diverse people together?

Q5 Does your neighborhood have activities that bring people together?Read more

50 More Ways To Build Social Capital

Robert Putnam's Saguaro Seminar for Civic Engagement in America was the first to create a practical list of 150 Things You Can Do to Build Social Capital. At our past All Corps Day, SCI AmeriCorps members participated in a competitive brainstorming exercise to see which team could come up with the most ways to build social capital in the community. We took some of the groups' ideas that were not mentioned on Putnam's list to come up with our own list:

Presenting "50 More Ways to Build Social Capital"

1. Organize a scavenger hunt with employees or fellow church goers.

2. Organize a “tweet up” in your community.

3. Attend an outdoor concert in your community.

4. Eat a picnic lunch at a local park.

5. Offer to lead a class for people with developmental disabilities.

6. Go on a photo walk in your community.

7. Visit with senior citizens.

8. Go for walks with your dog at a dog park.

9. Advocate at the state house for a cause you support.

10. Take part in a rally.Read more

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