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bridging social capital

WorldFest Press Coverage in the Woburn Advocate

Taiko drummers
"Photos: Woburn's WorldFest," by James Jesson, Woburn Advocate

On Sunday, May 19, SCI in partnership with the YMCA International Learning Center in Woburn, hosted WorldFest 2013, a multicultural festival celebrating diversity in the community.

Over 700 people attended and were treated to a diverse mix of performances, International food and arts and crafts vendors, and plenty of activities for the children.

This festival was the perfect opportunity to bring people together to learn about cultures different from their own and bridge social capital.

The Woburn Advocate featured photos from the event on their website. Click here to see the photos.

Social Capital Matters

Since the economic downturn hit in 2008, I've found myself needing to justify our focus on building social capital more often. Many people seem to imply that while things like knowing one's neighbor and joining a community group might be nice, it is not as crucial as providing people in need with the material sustenance they need in difficult times. I've now had ten years of experience explaning that there is an important and well-documented relationship between increasing social capital and positive economic outcomes for individuals and communities. We need to see that building social capital versus meeting material needs is a false choice.Read more

Boston Talks Race

"Boston seen as less welcoming to people of color than other cities" read the background screen at the outset of the Boston Talks Race program at the Boston Foundation (TBF) on Wednesday.

Anyone thinking this tidbit was going to being lightly explained away was clearly mistaken.  this became clear when TBF's Robert Lewis opened the program sharing his powerful story about growing up as one of 30 students of color at East Boston High.  Fortunately for our city, this trying experience, including the firebombing of his and other families' homes by a racist classmate, kindled in Robert a lifetime passion for bringing people together to make Boston better. Read more

Seven Top Social Capital Stories of the Week

Wow, there was a lot happening in the social capital world this week! Granted, our mission has us interested in a wide range of subject areas; but this week seemed particularly chock-full of relevant stories and studies.  So I'm going to start early on my resolution to blog more regularly, and recap the top stories I came across this week.

Walkable Cities & Social Capital  A recent University of New Hampshire study found that more walkable cities have higher social capital--this article recaps the study nicely.  I suppose it's no big surprise that walking around one's neighborhood would build social capital--greeting familiar faces and maybe even stopping to chat. However, it's always nice to have our guesses confirmed with data! Those of us in the Boston area can thus take heart that placing high on the list of most walkable cities--it's good for our social capital and our health!  Read more

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