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Business Leader Calls For Investment in Social Capital

Timberland CEO and well-known business leader Jeff Swartz called for "new ways to invest in social capital" in an op-ed piece in Friday's Union Leader.  He argues that greater emphasis on cross-sector collaboration, between government and private organizations, and between nonprofits and government, is essential for addressing social problems. Read more

21st Century Town Meetings?

How might the town meeting tradition incorporate 21st century technology? Should government or private groups take the lead on using web 2.0 technologies to facilitate civic participation? What technologies are most promising in terms of facilitating citizen involvement and collaboration?

These were a few of the questions tackled by the panel on civic engagement at yesterday's Massachusetts Digital Government Summit yesterday. I was joined on the panel by: Read more

Governor Signs Commonwealth Corps Bill

Civic Engagement Summit this Friday!

I voted, how about you?

Woburn City Clerk Bill Campbell is known to be a good prognosticator in terms of predicting voter turnout, and he estimates about 32% will vote today. It's drizzly, the Mayoral race is not contested, and local elections haven't gotten quite as much coverage as the triumphs of our local sporting teams. So if anything, one might think Bill's estimate is on the high side. But here's to hoping that more than 1/3 of us will exercise our basic right to vote today. Read more

Virtual Retirement Community Taps Social Capital

Today's Boston Globe article "Help Comes Home" reports on an interesting concept to help retirees live at home longer.  A Cambridge program creates a network of support to help provide both services and social companionship for seniors that can help them live independently.  This is modelled on a first-of-its-kind program in the Back Bay. Read more


Join SCI @ Mass. Civic Engagement Summit

I hope that you will consider joining SCI at the historic Massachusetts Civic Engagement Summit on Friday, November 16 in Worcester. Read more

This summit will convene formal and informal leaders from business, government, and community organizations, to discuss the state of civic engagement in our Commonwealth and how to build on momentum that has been generated recently to revitalize our civic life. This topic lies at the heart of SCI’s mission, and we’re happy to be an active member of the Summit planning committee. We’ve got a great lineup of speakers for this event, including Governor Deval Patrick. There will be five in-depth program tracks on civic engagement topics, including one I am moderating on Social Capital, Diverse Neighborhoods and Networks. Please review the Summit website for more information. I hope you will consider joining me at this important! Please let me know if you’d like more information about joining as a participant or sponsor.

Build on What Works to Tackle Dropout Rate

Let’s not rush to start new programs as the first response to the report featured in the Boston Globe article “4-year diploma rate lags in Hub” (9/29/07).  The statistics revealing that nearly half of Boston public high schools don’t graduate on time is certainly troubling; however, the first step should be to seek proven programs already serving Boston students that could scale up given increased resources.Read more

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