Strangers and diction

Noting the increasing rarity of even acknowledging strangers, let alone talking to them, Globe columnist Scott Lehigh laments that "Our civic soul too often seems locked in permafrost, with pleasantries that are easy and abundant currency in other regions meted out as though they were pieces of gold."

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Working Group Reports Available

For several weeks prior to the holidays, thousands of citizens across the state attended Patrick/Murray transition working group hearings on a wide array of subjects. It was exciting to see so many people have the opportunity to provide input to the incoming adminstration.

The working group reports are now available. We're pleased to see the idea of Civic Welcome Wagon programs around the state included in the Civic Engagement Working Group report. SCI has greeted some 1,000 new Woburn families through our successful Civic Welcome Wagon project. It would be exciting to see this project spread around the state!

Town Meeting DVD Release

Town meetings have been a centerpiece of American democracy since the times of de Tocqueville's visit to us. Now a new DVD "Town Meeting and You" is available to help acquaint people with how this old tradition works today.

Concord Town Moderator Edward N. Perry has passed on info abou this with and invite to a DVD release event in Concord tomorrow night (1/3) at Concord Town House. The DVD is designed to encourage new town voters to participate in their Town Meetings, and to provide a refresher to Town Meeting regulars on Town Meeting procedures. The 30 minute DVD will be shown at 7:15 and the festivities will be wrapped up by 8:30. They are inviting a number of moderators, voters, public officials and representatives of the press to the event.

More info about the DVD, including how to order, can be found at

New AmeriCorps Members Begin Serving

Social Capital Inc. has recently been joined by nineteen new AmeriCorps Members. These new members have been placed throughout the Woburn, Dorchester, Lynn, Fall River, and Milford, communities, helping several different organizations expand their services to the community during this time of need.

AmeriCorps is the national service program through which some 75,000 individuals provide a year of service to local communities; the program will be growing substantially in the coming years through the Kennedy Serve America Act. AmeriCorps is managed in Massachusetts by the Massachusetts Service Alliance.

Woburn AmericorpsThere are seven Americorps members currently serving in the Woburn Area. Read more